Call for Papers:             Discrete Geometry
                            A Special Issue of
                      Computer Aided Geometry Design
Guest Editors:        Mathieu Desbrun and Konrad Polthier
Submission Deadline:  December 5, 2005 (extended)
   In recent years, the interplay of differential geometry, partial
   differential equations and computer graphics has brought new insights
   into the mathematics of surface and volume meshes. The resulting
   development of a discrete differential geometry investigates the
   differential geometric and topological properties of discrete geometric
   data such as meshes, graphs and point sets. This new insight has already
   led to novel solutions to demanding engineering applications in the form
   of new, efficient algorithms for geometry processing and modeling.
   This special issue is devoted to new developments in the fields of
   discrete, differential and computational geometry which have a strong
   impact on theoretical foundations and industrial applications in CAGD.
   Authors from all related areas are invited to submit new and unpublished
   research work. Topics include (but are not limited to) the following:
   * discrete differential geometry of curves, surfaces, and volumes
   * discrete vs. continuous curvature operators
   * topological aspects of simplicial and polygonal meshes
   * computational and combinatorial geometry for CAGD
   * shape optimization and surface energies
   * constraint optimization and quality control
   * approximation and convergence
   * remeshing and mesh layout
   * robust reverse engineering
   * feature sensitive modeling
   * multiresolution and hierarchical representations
   Authors are invited to submit an article to CAGD, at:
      November 30, 2005.
   Style templates can be found on the CAGD website, at:
Guest Editors:
   Mathieu Desbrun                   California Institute of Technology
   Email: mathieu@caltech.edu        http://www.geometry.caltech.edu/~mathieu
   Tel: +1 (626) 395 6230            Fax: +1 (626) 792 4257
   Konrad Polthier                   Freie Universität Berlin
   Email: konrad.polthier@fu-berlin.de   http://www.polthier.info/
   Tel: +49 (30) 84185 204           Fax: +49 (30) 84185 107
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