Using MuPAD and JavaView to Visualize Mathematics on the Internet

in: Proc. of the 9th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, (2004), pp. 465-474.

Mirek Majewski and Konrad Polthier


Mathematics education strongly benefits from the interactivity and advanced features of the Internet. The presentation of mathematical concepts on the Internet may go far beyond what we could demonstrate in traditional mathematics textbooks. In this paper we demonstrate, in a number of examples, the additional insight into complex mathematical concepts that can be gained from 3D interactive visualization embedded into web pages. Mathematical visualization is improving our teaching environments and the communication between teachers and students.

We combine two mathematical software systemsäMuPAD as a development platform and JavaView for computation and online visualization of interactive mathematics experiments. We discuss the practical aspects of online publications and show some technical details about how to develop mathematical experiments on your own. The conference presentation will demonstrate MuPAD and JavaView components in live-action.

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