VideoMath Festival on DVD

  Hans-Christian Hege
  Konrad Polthier (Eds.)

 ***** Now available as DVD ****

Since 2005 the VideoMath Festival reel is available as DVD from Springer Verlag.
For more details and ordering information see

VideoMath DVD from Springer Verlag

Original VHS Casssette

As a highlight Springer-Verlag publishes a mathematical video entitled

VideoMath Festival at ICMä98

        with most videos of the VideoMath Reel shown during ICM'98 in Berlin.
        There are two versions:

ISBN 3-540-92633-X (VHS NTSC)

ISBN 3-540-92634-8 (VHS PAL).

All videos are in English. The list price of the cassette is currently 40,54 ä.
(At ICM'98, the video was sold for 40 DM).

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