VideoMath Reel

 *** Now available as DVD *** from Springer Verlag

This reel comprises the 24 winners of the worldwide VideoMath competition. The entries have been selected by the jury on basis of their mathematical relevance, technical quality, and artistic imagination. The themes include problems in topology and geometry and their recent solutions, as well as visualizations of classical ideas of Archimedes, Eratosthenes, Pythagoras, and Fibonacci. Topics from high school mathematics and applications of modern numerical methods to real world simulations are addressed.

The best entry, chosen by audience vote, will be awarded a prize of DM 5000,-. Click here for the winner and runners-up.

Most of the sequences are available on a VHS cassette distributed by Springer Verlag. The cassette will be available at the VideoMath festival at a reduced price.

Long Videos

The VideoMath competition admitted only short films, but a few longer films have been selected to be presented in separate shows.

Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic

Amazing "real magic" presented by The Bubble Man in the break of the VideoMath Reel performances. Tom Noddy takes a child's toy and a child like sense of wonder and combines it with the reasoning, wit, and physical skill of an adult.


The VideoMath Festival is located at the Urania, Kleiststraße 13-14 (Schöneberg) near Wittenbergplatz (subway lines: U1, U2, and U15).


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