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Information for Video Night CyberMath during the Workshop VisMath '95

The video night will present a collection of State-Of-The-Art videos around the theme Visualization and Mathematics . The show will take place in a Berlin cinema (~500 seats) open for general public audience including the participants of the workshop.

One of the aim is, to make the beauty of mathematics public. Therefore the shown videos should attract a general audience and be understandable at least by scientifically interested people.

The actual video presentation will have a length of approximately 2 hours. Although there is no limit in the number of video sequences you may submit and also no limit in the length of each sequence, we will possibly have to shorten submitted videos or reject submissions if they do not fit into the general theme.

Video Format

We would like create a single tape for the show preferable in the format Beta-SP. If you can, please send us your video in PAL Beta-SP format. If can not supply your video in this format, we will try to handle the following formats with decreasing order of garanteed success and quality: NTSC Beta-SP, PAL VHS, NTSC VHS.

Other Material:

We will advertise the show in different media. Please, send us additional to your tape:


March 31, 1995. Video submission incl. other material should be in Berlin.
If you have problems with this date because you are in the end of a current production, we may talk about that. But we definitely need to know at the end of March in detail about your video submission plans.


Hans-Christian Hege (ZIB) Head of Visualisation and Parallel Computing Department at the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin

Konrad Polthier (SFB 288) Head of Section Experimental Mathematics and Visualisation of the Sonderforschungsbereich 288, TU Berlin

For correspondence use the adresses given in the workshop announcement. If you send material via ordinary mail from overseas, please, do not forget to send it via air mail.
For completeness, the adresses are given here again:


Send video to:

Frau Pieper
TU Berlin, FB 3 Math, Sekr. MA 8-5
Strasse des 17. Juni 136
D-10623 Berlin

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